Sign Of The Times: Web 2.0 Outsourcing Humor


Something that you don’t often see a lot written about in new media is the strong trend by startups to outsource a lot of their work. Digg for example was originally designed by Kevin Rose outsourcing the job on elance, and sites such as Slideshare, have gone down a similar path.

Naturally it’s a cost thing. I spoke to one startup CEO last year who hired five programmers in India who had PhD level qualifications for $45,000 a year each, and the company he used to hire these guys came with a long list of US, English and Australian based startups currently using their services. I’ve even heard that some VC’s now look for outsourcing strategies in business plans and even recommend startups go down that path to save money, particularly when they’re starting out.

Doubtsourcing is written by Sandeep Sood, who handles outsourced IT work from Berkeley for clients including Microsoft, Wells Fargo, and Cisco. The actual illustration is outsourced to an American student who is currently studying Mandarin in China. The site has just gone live but I’ve seen some of the cartoons yet to go up, some nice fun on a topical area. His explanation of Outsourcing 2.0 below: