Hands on with Tannoy i-30, PSP dock


In a world filled with 1,000s of iPod docks, do we really need another one? 95 percent of them are crap. Pure unadulterated pieces of shat. Single drivers just don’t cut it. I was skeptical going into Tannoy’s suite, but my jaw immediately dropped when the i-30 was fired up. Two 100mm iCT drivers had a full, rich sound that knocked the crap out of Bose’s iPod dock, which was present for a comparison. The i-30 plays music and that’s it. No alarm clock or anything else to crap it up. It’s a hefty baby, but well worth the weight. Included on the dock is a video out, USB port for syncing with iTunes, 3.5mm input and an IR remote. It’s $399, but completely worth every single penny.

The PSP dock is essentially the same thing, but is the first dock specifically made for the PSP. Sound quality was also superb. I watched the Matrix on an LG LCD HDTV that was running from the PSP with sound just from the dock. It was awesome. They’re both awesome. You should definitely pick one up. The PSP dock retails for $199.99 and both docks will be available next month.