CES 2008: Sensio's 3D TV tech works for us colorblind nerd jerks!

3d.jpgI love the new types of 3D technology coming to our homes. Sensio’s got a type they were showing off, and it works. I’m colorblind, so 3D usually just looks like crap to me, but their system is using the far superior polarized system, and it worked. They’re utilizing a combination of various 3D methods to pull this off, and the outcome is very god indeed. It didn’t pop out like most 3D, it was just 3D, which is the way it should be. They were quick to point out that the glasses weren’t theirs, which is good, as you can see how they looked. Sad.

Their stuff is coming to home theater sections later this year, though they didn’t have a confirmable date. We’ll keep an eye on these guys if they keep doing what they’re doing.