CES 2008: Belkin's FlyWire feeds your TV up wireless HD at 1080p


We’ve been talking about Wireless HD and how it’s one of the things CES is all about, and Belkin showed me their new FlyWire Wireless HD solution, and it’s pretty sweet. It’s a combo of a transmitter that also acts as a media switcher and a single wireless receiver. The audio and video is sent wirelessly at resolutions up to 1080p to the receiver, where it connects to your HDTV via HDMI. You can see the various inputs in the photo after the jump. Belkin had a movie playing in HD-DVD (what!?) across the room with the set-up, and I have to say it looked as if it was coming off HDMI. No stutter, no distortion, no snow. If you’re trying to cut down on cable clutter, it’s worth looking at FlyWire.