$13.3 Million For Startup That Wants To Kill Snail Mail

We first covered Earth Class Mail in September 2005 (then called Remote Control Mail), and then again when they launched in late 2006. Today they are announcing a $13.3 million round of financing ($7.4 million of the round was closed last September and $2.84 million was previously raised convertible debt). The round was led by Ignition Partners and included angels from Keiretsu Forum.

Users direct snail mail to the service, which opens and scans it. It can then be shredded and recycled or forwarded. It’s expensive, but it is definitely a useful service.

The founders are also creating a video show about their startup experience, called “Start-up Junkies.” It will show on MOJO beginning on January 24. Warning: it’s going to be super cheesy.

Start-Up Junkies takes you behind the scenes of a rapid-growth technology start-up company as it goes through the trials and tribulations of raising angel and venture-capital investment, attracting seasoned start-up “junkies” to the management team, launching new products and dealing with all the people issues that arise when employees wake up running at Mach 3, every day of the week.