Exclusive: Mozilla Secretly Launches A Viral Campaign For Firefox

Mozilla has quietly launched a new viral campaign in support of Firefox, complete with song (YouTube TC exclusive above) and some fighting words against Internet Explorer.

The main part of the campaign is a site by the name of Fight Against Boredom which apparently means don’t use Internet Explorer, use Firefox. The site itself features a fake talk show setup, links to a Facebook page, downloads for the fight boredom song, and links to download Firefox.

It’s meant to be viral, but I’m not sure Microsoft will take the following statistics quoted on the page in the best light:

Compared to Internet Explorer users, Firefox users are

* 21% less likely to be a sales representative or agent at their current place of business.
* 45% more likely to have gone on vacation in San Francisco within the last 2 years.
* 33% less likely to live with others suffering from high cholesterol.
* 6% less likely to have eaten any meal at Chick-fil-A within the last 7 days.
* 24% less likely to live with others suffering from heart disease.
* 66% more likely to have viewed or listened to audio or video about politics or public affairs news within the last 30 day.
* 89% more likely to have purchased database software for work in the last year.
* 38% less likely to live with others suffering from breast cancer.

There’s even a fake blog complete with mocked up Mozilla criticisms that is pretending to report on the viral campaign as well. The site reports that Tay Zonday of “Chocolate Rain” fame and Leslie Hall of “Gem Sweater” are in the video, but I’m sure I saw a Ninja there, perhaps readers can put a name to a few more participants as well.

Update: Well, the site has been taken down for now and the “statistics,” which some found to be offensive, are being rewritten. Mozilla VP Marketing Paul Kim explains below.