CES 2008: XStreamHD teams with Seagate, DTS to stream HD video, audio to your TV

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A quickie update on XStreamHD, a new service that aims to bring high-def (1080p) content to your home using geosynchronous satellites and its own set-top receiver. The company has teamed with Seagate, which has had a big day already, and DTS to perfect its soon-to-begin service. Seagate’s in with its hard drives, from 1 to 2TB, and DTS will provide the ability for XStreamHD to stream lossless (!) 7.1 sound.

There’s no pictures of the device yet—I’ll try to get our team in Las Vegas to fix that soon—so we’ll have to just imagine a generic set-top-box that does decidedly non-generic things. Maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll even drop a release date on us at the show.


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