GeekBrief.TV #287

CES has started so I’m working on a Sunday. I start Brief 287 with my thoughts about Warner Bros. breaking up with HD DVD. The USB Missile Launcher has been updated with a Webcam, so if you’re needing someone shoot foam missiles at you, Brando’s making it possible. I’m looking forward to CrunchGear’s live coverage of the Bill Gates keynote. They have a liveblogging secret weapon that I can’t wait to see in action. Bug Labs announced special early adopter pricing. Some of The Goonies are available as action figures. It’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to buy an action figure. Video Transfer from Pinnacle was my favorite CES announcement at the time we shot this. That’s changed already, of course. I’ll be in Vegas Tuesday and back home Wednesday. I’ll be using Twitter for breaking news through CES and Macworld.