Obama Surges, Online And Off

Senator Obama soundly beat Senator Clinton in the Iowa Caucuses last week. And he maintains an impressive lead in most online statistics as well. He has 212,000 MySpace friends, 50,000 more than any other candidate (and he’s added 5,000 more in the last day or so). He won the MySpace New Year’s Poll with 46% of the Democrat vote. Senator Clinton took second with just 31%. People who live in Iowa and New Hampshire are visiting Obama’s website more than any other candidate.

It’s no surprise to me that he’s so popular on the Internet. He’s just 46 – young enough to mostly get the Internet generation. He embraced social networks early. He continues to lead polls in the younger demographic, perhaps due to that early adoption. And in our interview with Senator Obama it was clear that he’s put more time and thought into his digital/technology policies than any other candidate. He’s taken the time to embrace the Internet, and the Internet is embracing him right back.

Senator Obama is also leading the TechCrunch Tech President poll with a healthy 54% of all democrat votes.

The next primary is on Tuesday in New Hampshire. Early polls put Senator Obama just behind Senator Clinton.

For more on the candidates and the issues, visit TechPresident (not affiliated with our poll) and Political Base. And tune into the Facebook/ABC presidential debate tonight at 4 pm EST – all of the leading candidates are participating.