Workhound raises £100k for jobs aggregator

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Workhound, a recruitment aggregator startup, has raised £100,000 in first round funding from angel private investors. It currently lists over 700,000 vacancies across some 1,300 recruitment sites and offers contextual search, data mining, bookmarking and salary tracking. Founder Howard Lee maintains that since no UK job site has more than 5% market share – even though recruitment advertising captures 24% of all search marketing spend – the gap in the market is waiting to be filled by aggregators like Workhound. Lee ought to know his onions – he is former Head of Internet Operations for TSL Education Ltd, the biggest specialist employment site in the UK aimed at teachers. Here’s their release.

  • Nigel Eccles

    A very nicely designed site. Most of the UK job site designs seem stuck in the late 90’s so this is a great addition.

    What I wonder is how it is going to play out between job boards and job search sites like this. I know that S1 Jobs has blocked job search engines from scraping them of their content. If a couple of the big boards did that it wouldn’t be good for the search engines. (I remember eBay managed to legally block scrapers from their site).

  • Jack

    This is a really slick looking site/service particularly, as @Nigel Eccles points out, for a jobs site :)

  • Jack

    This is a really slick looking site/service particularly, as @Nigel Eccles points out, for a jobs site. Job Serve anyone? :)

  • jamescoops

    Love it – great to see some next gen classified models popping up in jobs as well as housing (nestoria, extate etc)

    How did they build it though – neither of the co-founders have a technical background by the look of it – cant be an agency job surely?

  • Stuart Day

    This has potential but i can see issues arrising as they start primarily gather vacancies from the Job Boards. I noticed they are getting roles from CV Library, CW jobs, Jobsite, and Monster already. It would be interesting to find out if they have made a deal with these organisations to be able to reshow their clients positions. Somehow i doubt it. For this reason i suspect that they will soon come unstuck and the number of vacancies on the site will reduce dramatically.
    If they stick to working with the actual recruitment organisations (Agencies and corporate clients) then it could become very popular.

    I tried the search facility and its ok but could do with some fine tuning as well. Its just a keyword finder and is very basic. It’s certainly not the most user friendly search facility but for a early version it will do the job.

  • Robin

    Looks good.

    Like the aggregate tools such as the salary finder (though it looks like I’m being paid too much!)

    Q: How will they make money?


  • Ben S.

    It looks alright but if Monster and did a “cease & desist” their 700,000 jobs would disappear.

  • Craig Cockburn

    A good, although rather obvious idea and one which was attempted before by (no longer running). However the advent of RSS does make it rather easier than scraping.

    As you can see many agencies post their adverts via campaign aggregators out to multiple sites so the problem site aggregators have is then removing the duplicates. I’m actually working on a similar idea (I own so if there’s any investors wondering how to write something better than workhound and interested in investing, then please get in touch.

    Craig (who won an award and was in the local paper for an internet job based search service in 1990).

  • william fischer

    Always enjoy the frank give and take found in the comments on industry leading online pubs. Over the years they have proved to be of tremendous value for companies I’ve helped build to evaluate usability, positioning, and core business issues.

    We developed the product internally and have worked hard to keep our GUI simple. And we believe that we’ve just begun the process steamlining usability. But with the UK’s largest offering of recruitment data, keeping things simple isn’t always so.

    From semantic search, to advanced filtering tools, to constantly retweaked relevancy algorithms, and our newest addition – a real-time industry salary tracking tool SalaryTrack, we hope that we are beginning to bundle together a great tool set so that job seekers can quickly navigate the nearly 1mm jobs on offer in the UK alone.

    We also realize that we’re just not smart enough to anticipate how individuals really want to search for jobs and it is for this reason that we have opened our platform to allow users to develop custom solutions that provide search data in the format, place and specifications that they will find most useful.

    Per copyright issues, we operate as a search engine and have similar usage protections as companies like google, yahoo, and kayak.

    We are always looking for great ideas/individuals to build further products in the space. We estimate that over 1 billion pounds annually will be spent on online recruitment advertising in the UK by 2011. Anyone who can build or architect scalable products that benchmark favorably with those developed by vc-backed firms like simplyhired or indeed, should feel free to contact me at bill at

    William Fischer

  • JobDaddy

    New UK job search engine called (beta) went “live” early this morning!

  • anime belgesel indir

    looks good…

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