Rumor: Red's Redcode coming to Final Cut Studio as native at Macworld


Part of Macworld next month will be a thing called the Final Cut Pro group, just for you video guys. And we’ve been tracking rumors that there will be a special surprise on the 16th. We’ve done some digging, and we’re fairly sure that this surprise has something to do with the Red One camera and Final Cut’s integration with Redcode.

In reality it’ll be an update to the Final Cut Studio suite with native Redcode support, as well as support for third party video cards (yes, including nVidia).

For those not in the uber-geeky look, Redcode is the name of Red’s editing workflow software. Since the Red One can shoot at up to 4k, there needs to be a way to edit by proxy, as editing RAW 4k footage would be a task for even the largest grids out there. Redcode allows you to edit within Final Cut at a much lower resolution, and translates the edits to the final cut, if you’ll forgive the phrasing.

There’s also a possibility it’s related to Red’s new “pocket professional” HD camera, code named Scarlet. Rumor has that Scarlet would debut at NAB, but if working with Apple is going well, there’s a possibility that it will be shown off to pros at Macworld.

There will be a few other surprises, but these are the things the Red users have been salivating over, and we hope this really is what all the fuss is over.