Rumor: Gates to announce next Xbox at CES


This will truly be a sad and momentous CES for many. I’m not looking forward to my excursion in the desert and this will be my first CES. I may throw my glamorous career and life in the trash if nothing groundbreaking is announced or unveiled. Failing that, I may end up in a ditch or roaming the desert hopped up on peyote. I haven’t decided yet.

It’s also Bill Gates’ last CES as the head of MS. I’m sure he’ll want to go out with a bang. So I hope this rumor of an Xbox with and internal HD DVD drive is true. It only makes sense considering the PS3 has an internal Blu-ray drive. The format war isn’t going to end anytime soon and consumers will not want to purchase an external drive, either.

So, Mr. Gates, I hope you bow out of the limelight with something worth announcing on your last go around. If not, I’ll boo and throw stuff at the stage. If I get kicked out then my trip will be worth it.

Visions of Gates’ keynote swan song [Seattle Times]