Now You Can Graph Your Twitter Usage

Twitter has the potential of breaking into the mainstream this year. A lot of what’s going on around Twitter is not dissimilar to the earlier days of blogging; we’re seeing evangelists, some basic mainstream adoptions, and even some tracking services. Sites like Tweeterboard and Twitterposter are providing basic Twitter statistics in a similar (although far more polished) way to Technorati and Daypop back in 2003.

A new service provided by Brad Kellett of Pantsland fame allows you to track exactly how frequently you are using Twitter.

Twitter Stats offers a key range of (as the name suggests) Twitter statistics based on username. My stats below demonstrate the basics. The service is a little slow at this stage (up to 5 minutes to generate the stats) and the graphics are basic, but for Twitter users looking for some statistics it’s a helpful service.