Naked DSL from AT&T now available


When AT&T took over Bell South we were promised a ‘naked’ DSL package, but AT&T figured the longer they took to roll it out that it would fade from our memories. Good job, AT&T, because I sure as heck did. A DSL only package is obviously something many consumers are looking for. I may or may not be in the majority here, but I haven’t had a landline in over a decade. It would actually be a nice thing to have, but I’m never home so I guess it defeats the purpose.

Ok, so the naked DSL package is only $19.95 a month with a one year commitment. You can ‘downstream’, as AT&T puts it, up to 768Kbps. There’s also a $10 promotional plan with local phone service, but it’s rather difficult to find on the site. Anything surrounding the new service is rather difficult to locate. That was obviously done intentionally from AT&T’s side. If 768 is too slow for you then jump to 1.5, 3 or 6 Mbps services ranging in price up to $38.99. Which region and its availability are still a mystery. You’re better off calling AT&T directly and getting answers then you are trying to find them online.

AT&T [via Real tech news]