Freemusiczilla: Best Music Downloader I've Tested

Freemusiczilla is desktop based software that basically lets you download any song you can stream on the Internet. There are lots of services like it, but none are as easy to use, or work as well, as Freemusiczilla did in my testing.

The software is Windows only. One you’ve downloaded it, any song that plays on a site (MySpace, imeem, Pandora,, Skreemr, Seeqpod, etc.) is noted by the program. Click a button and the song is downloaded to your hard drive.

In our tests it worked flawlessly, picking up on songs played via a flash widget without any problems. And it also broke through imeem’s anti-leech technology which tries to block downloads.

The software is free but limits downloads to ten per day. A plus version, presumably for a fee, will be released shortly.

Clearly Freemusiczilla can be used for the improper downloading of copyrighted materials. We don’t recommend or condone its usage that involves copyright infringement, of course.

Found via Go2Web2.