Sprint updates drivers for Mac OS X

I sure hope this works because I haven’t been able to use one of my Sprint dongles for months. Sprint has updated their drivers for Novatel EV-DO Rev. A devices (S720, U720, EX720 and U727) to p

Asus Eee PC gets bedazzled

Not really bedazzled, but I was just listening to Dane Cook and he was talking about his sisters bedazzling his jean jackets when he was a kid. Umm. Ok. Awkward. Asus is looking to cash in on the popu

Thiel Invests in Israeli Stealth Startup Hooja

From TechCrunch UK: Israeli search technology start-up Hooja has raised $1.5 million from some well known-investors, including Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal, and an early investor in Face

Verizon Expects over 300 Million Messages Today and Tonight

Verizon customers are expected to send over 300 million text, picture and video messages this New Year’s Eve between the hours of 12 p.m. and 4a.m. ET New Year’s Day. During the third quarter of 2

XBL crapping out

I haven’t been playing much in the last week or so, but I know there were some issues and everything seemed to have been resolved over the weeekend. I remember having difficulty signing in and g

LG.Philips announces multiple LCDs ahead of CES

I’m not really looking forward to CES next week, but LG.Philips has me frothing with the announcement of multiple LCDs ranging from 32- to 84-inches with multi-touch interfaces, handwriting reco

BlackBerry 9000 revealed, major disappointment?

It appears the rumored touchscreen BB is just a myth if you believe what first time poster Cooper over at BB Forums has to say. This photo was purportedly taken in Waterloo at the RIM campus. The 9xxx

New Blackberry 9000 in iPhone Black?

A picture of what may or may not be the next-generation Blackberry 9000 popped up in an online forum. The device does not appear to have a touchscreen, but it does sport a black iPhone-like sheen. Aga

Vonage Settles with Nortel

Internet calling company Vonage announced today that is has settled three patent disputes with telecommunications equipment manufacturer, Nortel. The settlement involves a limited cross license to thr

Most Bookmarked TechCrunch Posts of 2007

Okay, final list for 2007. Here are the top-25 bookmarked or shared posts from the year, as determined by people who used the “Add This” bookmark button at the bottom of each post (see als

The Year in Launches (2007 Edition)

Rounding out our year-end lists—see also the Most Popular Posts of 2007, the Year in TechCrunch Headlines, the Year in Deals, and the Year in Deadpool—here is a selection of some of the notable st

CrunchGear Week in Review: Unwanted Gifts Edition

Hairy DIY mouse responds to your caress Stop with the ‘Tattoo Designs’ already What did you get? Optimus not prime for shipping on time CrunchDeals: Refurbed Slingbox AV on Woot

New Years Eve, Live On The Net

Another year has passed us all, and 2008 beckons tomorrow. For those not out and about this New Years Eve, here’s a few places you can join the experience online: Video Streaming Sites Sites suc

iPod Touch does VoIP

There you have it, the first VoIP call made on the Touch. Software should be out tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for our very own hands on video.

Video of 1.1.3 for the iPhone


Australia Joins China In Censoring The Internet

The Australian Government has announced that they will be joining China as one of the few countries globally that broadly censor the internet. The Labor Party’s policy was announced prior to the

A Sign Of The Times

Omnipresence was another big theme in 2007 with Twitter brining always on, always available communication to the masses. Whether this is merely the beginning of a broader trend, or something that will

8Apps Rounds Out The Deadpool for 2007

Online application provider 8Apps has announced that it will be shutting in January. 8apps offered collaborative online tools not dissimilar to those offered by 37signals. According to a post by Downl

Girl gets a creepy counterculture note in box instead of iPod

Some poor kid was expecting to receive a new iPod (Touch or Classic not specified) but instead received what appears to be a viral message from either a filthy commie or Adbusters. The note instructed

XBL accounts pwn3d, Microsoft does nothing

An XBL user has reported that his account has been hacked for apparently the third time just recently. The hacker actually responded to a message from the hackee with the message above, pleading ignor
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