Kwout, A Simple Quote Tool For Bloggers

People who do a lot of copying of quotes from other sites are going to like Kwout, which launched yesterday. Use it to grab a quick quotation or other screen shot from a web site and embed it into a blog or other website (one click to Flickr and Tumblr).

To grab a quote, just type a URL into the Kwout home page, or use the bookmarklet when on a web page. A new window pops up that allows you to make a selection, resize the window, and grab it. Others can then easily grab the quote and embed it as well by clicking on the link below the image. Here’s an example:

The tool isn’t perfect yet – resizing is clumsy, for example. Google recently released a similar tool to allow embeds of quotes from books they’ve scanned, but what Kwout has done is more widely useful. See Go2Web2 and Library Stuff for more.