GPhone To Debut In February?

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androidphone.jpgGoogle powered phones could be debuted as soon as February, according to speculation by APC.

It’s an interesting exercise in drawing the dots together to get to a completely unsupported conclusion, but there are some interesting facts APC has reported that are worth taking a look at:

You can bet that if Google’s handset partners lift the covers on their Android phones during the Mobile World Congress expo, which kicks off on February 11th in Barcelona – or if Google itself trots out a flock of phones to impress this annual powerhouse gathering of the global mobile industry (the company has booked two stands on the expo floor) – that these will be shiny snazzy models endowed with a very high ‘cool’ factor.

The emphasis is mine but it’s the key line: why does Google require two stands at a mobile conference?

There is some logic in the conclusion; it would be an ideal time for Google, manufacturers, or both to show off Google powered mobile phones, but still this is awfully quick, despite the shot recently of a GPhone in the wild. In 7 weeks we’ll find out one way or the other.

(image credit: Gizmodo)

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