Comcast + TiVo finally in the wild, your upgrade coming soon?

Credit: Steve Garfield CC BY-NC-SA

It’s been over two years since Comcast announced that its DVR boxen would be getting the TiVo treatment, with nothing materializing yet. That is, of course, unless your name is Steve Garfield, of the Boston area, in which case your DVR is now a TiVo.

Garfield is apparently the first customer in the country to get the upgrade, and things are going about how you’d expect things would for the early adopter: poor support, buggy software, and an all-around headache.

But the fact is, the upgrades are rolling out, so when do we expect the service in, say, Seattle? We have no idea, and I’m tired of waiting for my Comcast rep to call me back.

First reports of the Comcast-TiVo box [PVR blog]