ATI's new Radeon cards leaked; Gamers get silly


Listen up, gamers. Normally this is Devin’s territory, but seeing as he’s still in the clink following a disastrous run in with Johnny Law after a few too many glasses of PowerNog™, it falls on my to cover this today.

Also, my German isn’t so hot, so I’m trying to translate this with Google and getting nowhere. But here’s the gist of it: new Radeons are coming from ATI, and they seem pretty hot.

There are three of them, and they are: The HD3450, a RV620-based, VGA + Display Port, 256MB, 525Mhz PCIe card; the 3470, also based on the RV620, but featuring DVI + VGA + S-Video out, and a 600Mhz clock with 256 or 512MB of RAM; and the HD3650, based on the RV635 running at 600 or 800Mhz, 256 or 512MB RAM, and dual DVI or S-Video out.

These are pretty good specs for mid-range cards, we expect to see more of them at CES coming up in a few weeks here. So stay tuned, game nerds!

Photos and full specs, not in English, apparently in Italian or something [MadBoxPC]