Top 2007 Education Apps: Learning 2.0

A teacher and active blogger named Larry Ferlazzo has put together his list of the top education startups of 2007.

The list was clearly put together with students in mind. And while I’m pretty sure that the average student can get to graduation with little more than Wikipedia, Delicious and perhaps an occasional stolen term paper to help them along the way, I’m glad to see someone highlighting tools to help students learn and present their work.

The list is a good start and includes startups like Footnote, Fleck, Bookr, Sketchcast and others.

Tumblr is, inexplicably, named the top learning aid. “It’s a great place for students to easily post a whole lot of their work” Ferlazzo says.

But here’s what I really want to know – If you are a student, what applications are you actually using to complete your courses? And here’s a second question – if you combined all of the time you spend on all of those sites, would it even come close to the attention you give to Facebook?

(and before you say it in the comments – yes, it is obviously a slow news day with the holidays)