Product Clash: Sort Of Digg For Product Comparisons

productclash.jpgProduct Clash is aiming to offer “peer reviewed product comparison in a fun way” with a site that takes Digg style voting to product grudge matches.

Product Clash has a broad library of products that registered users can clash with each other or users can also submit their own product descriptions and technical specifications via the “Submit your Clash” form.

The site launched into public beta December 1 and allows visitors to view “clashes” and the current score between two products, as well as product details with relevant technical specifications. Registered users can vote, add comments, use the clash widget on their blog and submit new clashes. There’s also a Facebook application here.

It’s perhaps not the most exciting site I’ve reviewed this year, but it seems well implemented and may well provide some fun for those who like matchups. The team at Product Clash is giving away two iPhones during December, one to a random user on the site and one to the user who gets the highest number of friends to use the Facebook application; if you’re one of many (I’m not) who love adding Facebook applications this is at least a little better than a lot of the Facebook applications I get spammed about via Facebook seemingly every other day :-)