Wikimedia draws flack for felon COO

wikimedia.jpgDetails recently emerged that Wikimedia interim COO Carolyn Doran was a felon responsible for a 2004 hit-and-run and multiple DUIs across various states. She also had prior thievery charges, was responsible for writing bad checks, credit card fraud and once shot a boyfriend in the chest. Oh and her late husband drowned on their honeymoon. Sounds like something from a movie. At any rate, all of these gems could have been uncovered by a simple background check.

The foundation behind Wikipedia is drawing flack mainly for the fact that Doran was responsible for handling many of the donations that the nonprofit receives. Nevertheless, in March Doran signed the foundation’s tax return and listed more than $1.3 million in donations. Despite her shady past, Wikimedia founder Jimmy Wales has stated that he doesn’t expect anything to be amiss and has promised to cover any discrepancies out of pocket if necessary.

Wikimedia has begun running background checks on all new hires.

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