Photobucket Now Available Inline For MySpace Users

Photobucket has announced inline support for inclusion of Photobucket photos within MySpace. To use, MySpace users click on “Add Image From Photobucket” when leaving a comment, which then provides them the ability to browse their Photobucket photos. Users can also search Photobucket for images other than their own for inclusion in a comment.

The only downside is that MySpace has yet to provide log in integration with Photobucket, and hence MySpace users will not only require a separate Photobucket account, they’ll also have to log in to Photobucket from within MySpace to use the feature.

The addition of Photobucket support in MySpace has certainly not been quick in coming (MySpace acquired Photobucket in May for $300 million) but it is a step in the right direction. Photobucket has continued to grow since being acquired by MySpace, and has recently passed the 56 million member mark, up from 36 million in March.