In the age of big screen plasmas, do you still go to the movie theaters?

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Who bothers going to the movie theaters anymore in the age of 60-inch plasmas and Dolby TrueHD? I ask because Peter and I just had a brief to-do in the chat room: I saw the “I am Legend” DVD screener last night (if you’re reading CrunchGear, I assume you know where to find it), which shocked Mr. Ha. Wouldn’t you rather see it in the theater?, he asked.

No. No I would not.

The movie aside—I didn’t particularly enjoy it—the whole concept of going to a movie theater and watching a movie, amongst people you don’t know, nor care to know, is completely outdated. Especially where I live (in dirty, dirty Queens), the theaters look like something out of “Blade Runner”: grimy, dank and abandoned of all hope. So compare that to any halfway decent AV setup and you can understand why, in my opinion, it simply isn’t rational to go a movie theater, especially if you’re not an Anxious Andy and need to see movies the weekend they come out. Wait four months, and it’ll be on HD DVD or Blu-ray.

So I ask y’all: do you still go to the movie theaters? If so, why? We all do in the “Glass Menagerie” sense of “going to the movies,” but it’ll be a cold day in Hell before I step into a theater again. What does Loews offer that I couldn’t replicate with a couple hundred dollars?

Would you invite strangers into your house to watch TV? That’s essentially what you’re doing when you do go the movies, right or wrong?

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