Mark Cuban hits Facebook friend limit

cuban Mark Cuban has too many friends. To be fair, he doesn’t know most of them personally. He gets more than 100 friend requests every day on Facebook and he’s just recently hit the 5,000-friend limit. That’s right, you’re only allowed 5,000 friends on Facebook. Only.

He’s had to whittle down his list to make room for people he actually knows or is in some way connected. He’s devised a layering system wherein the first layer is comprised of his real friends, the second is made up of people he’s actually connected to somehow, and the third layer is what he calls "The Power Layer". It’s made up of influential industry types.

"Having them as FB friends, although very simple and non committal, gives me some level of access to them, and them to me. These are people that if they sent me a FB mail, i would certainly read and respond to , and I think they would do the same," says Cuban.

Think if you got more than 100 friend requests every day. You’d never get anything done. And once you hit that 5,000-friend limit, having to dig through all your friends to find someone to remove so you could add the new friend? Forget it.

Mark Cuban: My New Facebook Strategy [Digital Media Wire] via Tech Digest