Holiday Horror contest extended: Last day!


I’ve been getting emails about the Holiday Horror contest complaining that folks can’t vote. To that end, I’m allowing you to post stories and vote/make comments until noon on Wednesday. Votes count the same as comments, so tell all your friends to post ribald, jolly comments to your post and I will generate scores for each post programatically. If you have entered the contest, tell your peeps to comment and/or vote.

More importantly, pop over to BFF and read some of the entries. They’re absolutely great. For example:

It was 4 pm on New Year’s Eve, we were through security, and me and my boys were sitting at a bar waiting to board our flight to Las Vegas. It wasn’t snowing that day, traffic to the airport wasn’t bad, our flight wasn’t delayed, the airport wasn’t that crowded, and none of the brats that were near us in the terminal were whining. In fact, things seemed to be going our way for this trip- we had drinks in front of us, there were three reasonably attractive women at the bar actually chatting with us, and we had a sweet room at the Bellagio waiting for us in Vegas. As luck might have it, the three women at the bar were waiting for the same flight, as well. Things were looking good.

After a couple of drinks I had to use the restroom. On my way to the restroom, I walked past our gate and noticed our plane wasn’t there yet. We were supposed to board in about 15 minutes, so I approached the airline gate attendant and asked her what the story was. She told me that the connecting flight was late arriving from Chicago and that they would make an announcement when we were ready to board. Heck, we had seats at the bar and drinks in front of us- there were no sense in getting up if our flight was going to be delayed. I hustled back to the bar, told everyone of the delay, and kept drinking. … Read the rest.

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