GodTube Launches A Virtual Prayer Wall. This Is Just What I Needed

We first wrote about GodTube, a YouTube ripoff for Christians, back in April (note the banana video in that post – “the athiest’s nightmare”). Today they launched a really excellent virtual prayer wall to complement the main service.

Users can go to the site and pray for those who’ve left previous messages, or leave their own prayer. Pictures and audio can also be uploaded (although I couldn’t get either to work). Soothing music plays in the background, and readers can leave their comments on any prayer.

In the spirit of athletes who often pray to God to help them win the big game, I’ve left my own prayer request on GodTube. If it works, I’m behind this 100%.

In all seriousness, though, a lot of people have left touching prayers on the wall. This may give them a little (or a lot) of strength to go on fighting crushing illnesses, family losses, etc. If you are a believer, the GodTube virtual prayer wall may be something that helps you through a bad time.