Is It Going To Be a Wii, or Why Can't I Get One, Christmas?

If online shopping behavior is any indicator, it looks like the Wii is going to be the big winner in the videogame console wars this Christmas. That is, if people can actually buy the damn things, which are out of stock at many physical retail outlets. Data compiled by Compete about online shopping in the U.S. shows interest in the Wii soaring in November, well past the interest levels last year when the Wii launched. In November, nearly 3 million people shopped for a Nintendo Wii online in the U.S., compared to about 2.3 million last year. The Xbox 360 attracted only half as many shoppers this November (1.5 million), and the PS3 struggled to break a million. But at least online demand for the Xbox is above what it was last year, which cannot be said for the PS3. Demand has steadied for all three brands in December (on a weekly basis), so it doesn’t look like there be any last-minute breakouts by the Xbox or PS3.