Xbox 360 HD DVD holds one-third of market

The Inquirer today writes that the 360 makes up one-third of the HD DVD player market. A recently released report speculates that 750,000 HD DVD players are currently in homes and that 269,000 of them are of the Xbox 360 add-on variety.

It still remains unclear whether HD DVD or Blu-ray is winning the war, but it boils down to several factors. Blu-ray is the better technology, but HD DVD is more affordable and thus more accessible. Studios seem split down the middle in terms of what to support, which is the biggest hindrance to the consumer. That’s the thing that really needs to be settled before a single format wins out. Once a format manages to lure the brunt of the studios, that format will win for the simple fact that content is king and the player with the most titles wins by default.

I recently purchased a Toshiba HD-A2 for $99 for the simple fact that I needed a new DVD player. Its support of HD DVD is an added bonus.

Xbox makes up a third of HD DVD players [The inquirer]