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BBC Innovation Labs 2008 has opened its application process to tech companies. The application process will close on 31st January 2008 and the BBC will let you you know if you’ve been successful during February 2008. If you were unable to attend the Labs Launch Days then you may find the filmed presentations helpful before you apply.

• Are you an Irish Internet company? Irish telco Eircom has launched the Web Innovation Fund to promote, mentor and sponsor innovative web applications in the Irish Internet industry. The fund is worth approximately €100k annually and up to four concepts will be selected each year. Applicants are invited to submit concepts across nine key categories. Contact Info Email: innovation[@]

• Set your calendars for 17th January 2008 when NW Start Up 2.0, the event for entrepreneurs, investment community and deal makers in England’s North West region. So far they’ve had four successful conferences which attracted many entrepreneurs from around UK and other parts of Europe, such as Ajaz Ahmed of Freeserve, David Ingram of Izimi, Sam Sethi of Blognation, David Terrar of D Squared C, Ivan Pope of Snipperoo, Robert Wakeling of Wadaro, Rhys Jones of Accountis and Anish Kapoor of Yuuguu. It’ll be at KPMG Manchester and doors will be open at 18:15. Entrepreneurs will be lead by Billa Bhandari of Akoura and GoSecure of USA, while Venture capitalists will be lead by Doug Stellman of Yorkshire Fund Managers. Register now and get a discount.

  • Esi Aboni

    I though ajaz ahmed was the found of web design firm akqa , so is ajaz ahmed of freeserve a mispelling ?? if not then no worries.

  • Manoj Ranaweera

    There are more than one Ajaz Ahmed. They chap I know founded Freeserve.

  • Manoj Ranaweera

    Mike, thanks for the coverage. is undergoing some change as we gear up for 2008. We hope to bring three types of events:

    + NW StartUp 2.0 Business – Funding and all other relevant issues related to starting technology companies – at KPMG Manchester
    + NW StartUp 2.0 Technology – taking learnings from Mashup Manchester forward. Focus on technology themes such as mobile 2.0, security, etc
    + NW StartUp 2.0 DEMO – platform for Northern technology companies to pitch

    More information to follow…

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