Jiggy: Roll yer own iPhone apps

We just got a note about Jiggy, an IDE that lets you build and run Javascript apps right on your jailbroken iPhone. I installed it on my 1.1.2 iPhone and it seems to be working except I can’t save any files. If you’d like to add it to your phone, go into Installer.app — presuming you’ve already jailbroken your iFone — and add www.jiggyapp.com/i as a source. Then go into Development and download Jiggy.

One cool aspect is that it runs entirely on the phone and has a web interface for programming apps. This makes it platform independent and is actually true to Steve Jobs’ original vision of an entirely web-based application stack. I just don’t think he had this in mind, though.

I tried to build an app but it wasn’t saving my meta-data, which makes baby me cry. However, the ‘Hello World’ app seems sane enough so I’ll give it a go later tonight.

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