For Sale: Used Social Voting Site, Asking Price $300 Million, Goes By The Name Of Digg

It seems like every other month rumors of Digg either being acquired or being shopped come up (see our November summary here). VentureBeat has word that Digg is getting serious about a sale and has hired Allen & Company to shop the site for $300 million.

Investment bank Allen & Company has been involved in a number of high profile acquisitions and mergers previously, including Seagram and Universal Studios, Hasbro and Galoob Toys, and Disney and Capital Cities/ABC. An interesting tidbit on the company: it apparently doesn’t like publicity to the point that it doesn’t even maintain a website.

The obvious question is will Digg sell with a $300 million valuation given that it has been on the market (quietly) for months with no interest to date?

If anybody has a spare $300 million and would like to buy Digg, Allen & Company’s contact details can be found here.