Xbox 360 wireless radiations jam your Bluetooth

lbopyc.jpgThis is interesting. It’s almost like an old-fashioned whodunit – but this time it’s the console doing the killing. Some staff at Morrisville State College were noticing a lot of interference in certain places resulting in trouble syncing their Bluetooth headsets. A little investigation that they were being jammed by a mysterious signal covering whole areas of the frequency band. A little sleuthing and one eureka later, they discovered that it was in fact Xbox 360s doing the jamming – apparently their wireless protocol for controllers, headsets, and so on, is a bit sloppy and is creating such strong interference that even at a distance it can mess with equipment using the 2.4GHz range. Given the growing popularity of both the 360 and other tech using the same wireless frequencies, this may actually be a serious problem – but don’t worry, the boys at Morrisville are looking into it.

Strange Xbox Signal Suspected of Jamming Wireless LANs
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