You Can Now Share Reader Content With Google Talk Friends

yawn1.jpgGoogle has added the ability to share content from Google Reader to friends on Google Talk.

This is essentially how it works: you log into Reader and see a friends tab where you can now specify friends from your broader network (ie: Gmail/ GTalk contacts) to share items of interest with.

I’m a little underwhelmed by it all, but Robert Scoble isn’t and Steve Rubel sexes the announcement up to the point of calling it part of “Google’s Stealth Social Net,” which makes it seem a whole lot more interesting than it would appear on the surface. Of course like any good Google product it’s another cross-promotion tool that encourages you to use more of Google’s products.

More at the Google Blog here. Maybe after the bombshell of Knol yesterday I’m just easily unexcited today. If you share things using Google Reader now you can share with more people…which is great if you’re heavily into sharing, if you didn’t even know that you could share things in Reader or don’t use the feature, then nothing exciting here.