Paramount To Sell Movie Tickets Using Tailgate

tailgate.jpgWhen we first covered fully-transactional banner provider Tailgate in July, there was no shortage of discussion as to whether buying goods via banner was something that might take off. Paramount however thinks that it is a good idea, with the company choosing to use Tailgate to promote their upcoming release “The Kite Runner.”

The banners used by Paramount will allow moviegoers to search by zip code, city or state and select and make ticket purchases all without leaving the host site using Tailgate’s built-in secured e-commerce engine. The campaign itself (with the transactional banners) will be placed like any normal campaign across various sites in a normal online ad buy. The advantage of the technology is that it needs no changes at the publisher level, it’s simply served up like any other banner.

Head of Interactive Marketing at Paramount Vantage Bladimiar Norman is a fan, saying that they believe Tailgate’s tech is a step forward “our consumers want an efficient, safe and convenient way of buying their movie tickets. Tailgate allows them to do just that.”

An example of a Tailgate banner can be found here.