ITRI's flexible LCD screen bends like crazy

bunnylcd.jpgThe Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan rolled out a few interesting little screen technologies. The flexible LCD screen is only about 10mm thick and can be made up to 10.4-inches, but requires a backlight. Fortunately, they also have a flexible backlight that works with the LCDs. Unfortunately, the size is limited to about 7-inches at this point, so the applications are limited. There was, however, a monochrome LCD display that, while limited to 3.5-inches across one way, can be made as long as needed, making it perfect for long wall-length displays or arrays. And most important of all, these screens made that hard-boiled Taiwanese businessman smile. And that’s worth all the Tea in Taiwan.
ITRI debuts 10.4-inch color flexible display [Digitimes]