Flickr Adds Stats To Photo Pro Accounts

Flickr has provided an attractive place to show off your photos and get constructive feedback from the community. However, their advanced comment and tagging system leaves out the vast number of people that simply peruse the site. But today Flickr unlocked those stats for Pro users.

Earlier this year Flickr whetted our appetite for stats when they released numbers on what kinds of cameras are used on the site. The stats are like Google Analytics for your photos. They track page views and visitors across each of your photos and go all the way back to the start of your pro account (or at least 28 days back if you upgrade from a free account).

The numbers are updated daily and don’t count views you make yourself or that are from embedded versions of your images around the web. Referrals are only listed for the past couple of weeks. For search engine referrals, stats will show what people searched for to find your pictures.