Zoho Show 2.0, Cleaner Look, New Features

Over the past two years Zoho has launched 12 applications along with 4 utilities, nearly all with APIs. The team has shown a strong commitment to steadily improving their products, making them a compelling alternative to the incumbent, Google.

zohoscreensmall.pngThis morning they’ve released a new version of Zoho Show that cleans up the program’s interface and adds a greater array of features than Google’s Presently. Zoho Show 2.0 features:

  • New User Interface
  • 50+ Themes
  • Shapes and Symbols
  • Extensive editing support for text, images, bullets etc
  • Clip art
  • Zoho Meeting and Zoho Chat integration

Support of shapes, symbols, clip art, and a wide selection of themes are common features business users depend on in PowerPoint, but are currently lacking on Google. However, the guys from recently acquired presentation startup Zenter are certainly hard at work changing that.