Rant: Now I'm getting Facebook spam, oh me oh my


And now I’ve been Facebook spammed.

Ladies and gentlemen, as my CrunchGear colleagues are all too well aware, I have a remarkably short fuse coupled with some sort of dementia. Yes, it makes for dynamite chat rooms logs, but my stability has been questioned on more than one occasion (ask Biggs). So when I’m sitting in the Journalism Department here following the Real Madrid-Lazio and Liverpool-Marseille games on as.com, any distractions I’m subjected to better damn well be vital to my well-being. Go ahead and tell me if you think this is:

hi Nicholas, i like you pic, you seem alright. maybe we can chat or something. i don’t thing you can here, but you can check me out my other profile at http://snipurl.com/1sl1j my username’s hotsweetie. we can chat there, just dont mind the bad pics, lol. soooo, ya, see you i hope

So not only was Facebook about a second away from smashing my privacy to pieces a few days ago, now I have to put up with spam messages?

Will Facebook spam ruin my appetite for the site? It really just might.