Plaxo Offers Pulse Plugin For Outlook

Plaxo has announced a new plugin that brings Plaxo Pulse to Microsoft Outlook.

Plaxo is claiming the new service is “historic;” its an extremely long stretch but this isn’t to say that the functionality isn’t interesting. With the new Outlook plugin, users can now see recent activity on a person’s Pulse stream in the Plaxo “Click to Connect” box and in Outlook’s “Contacts Detail” view. Plaxo’s Pulse product provides a lifestreaming service, so this will bring in social activity of contacts such as on blogs, Digg, Twitter,, Flickr, Yelp, and other sites into Outlook. Plaxo’s sync functionality allows users to add and sync details with users as they add them in Outlook as well.

I’m not a Windows user so I didn’t have Outlook to test the service on, but I am a happy user of Plaxo’s Mac OS X sync tool. I’ve written previously that it’s a great service and if the Outlook plugin is as good as it sounds it’s likely to find a willing user base.

The new Plaxo for Outlook can be downloaded here.