Timex iControl review


How often have you hit the running trails and found that your iPod is really interested in Kenny G. No matter how many times you fumble for your iPod you keep coming back to “Eastside Jam” and “By the Time This Night Is Over.” Now, however, you can just tap your wrist and watch as Kenny is relegated to the deep pits of hell where he belongs. Besides, what are you doing with Kenny G on there anyway?

The Timex iControl is a watch/dongle combination that lets you control your iPod from your Timex Ironman. The watch itself is quite small and thin — very lightweight — and it has five iPod control buttons as well as a complete set of watch functions including a 50-lap memory, timer, and two alarms. Dongle itself is much larger than the Nike+iPod kit and takes up the iPod’s docking port, which is kind of upsetting since you can no longer use the pedometer if you have both.

The dongle next to the Nike+iPod dongle.

The iControl works with most iPods, including the the iPhone, and works immediately without pairing or set-up. The watch is quite light and small, so if you’re into heavy sports watches, steer clear. However, if you want to control your music from your wrist, go for it. For only about $89, you can kill Kenny G on a daily basis without even breaking stride.

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