LifeInTheFishBowl Is Going To Be One Awesome Dating Site

God is a hot niche category on the Internet right now. Long ago we covered GodTube, a YouTube for Jesus types. More recently News Corp bought BeliefNet, a news and community site for Christians.

So the timing for LifeInTheFishBowl is spot on. It’s a social network and content site for Christians. It’s still in development but you can sign up for the site on the home page, read their blog and watch an overview video, below. By the look of things, they really need a web designer.


You’ll enjoy the site if you want to hang out with like minded people and debate Darwin v. the Bible, etc. But even better, these sites tend to attract women in droves. Sure, Facebook is almost 2/3 women, but Christian focused sites tend to be even more women dominated (BeliefNet’s audience is 70% women). So if you are Christian, or want to pretend you are Christian to date women, sign up for LifeInTheFishBowl now.

Also, if you’re Lutheran, you can get on the board of directors of the company. Founder Joe Burnham writes “I’m writing because I’m looking for young Lutheran ( geeks who might be interested in being part of the projects Board of Directors. We’re not asking for a huge commitment time wise, but we’d like to have some younger, tech savvy input as the project continues to develop over time.” Not sure why you have to be Lutheran as opposed to one of the other Christian cults, but those are the rules. And since God is backing this startup, those stock options just might be worth something some day.