50 Cent: File Sharing Doesn’t Hurt Artists

50cent1.jpgThe music of performer 50 Cent has zero appeal to me, but the man is undoubtedly smart, as the following words (via TorrentFreak) attest:

Q: “How are G-Unit Records doing in these times of file-sharing?

“Not so good….The advances in technology impacts everyone, and we all must adapt. Most of all hip-hop, a style of music dependent upon a youthful audience. This market consists of individuals embracing innovations faster than the fans of classical and jazz music.”

“What is important for the music industry to understand is that this really doesn’t hurt the artists.”

“A young fan may be just as devout and dedicated no matter if he bought it or stole it.”

“The concerts are crowded and the industry must understand that they have to manage all the 360 degrees around an artist. They, (the industry), have to maximize their income from concerts and merchandise. It is the only way they can get their marketing money back.”

“The main problem is that the artists are not getting as much help developing as before file-sharing. They are now learning to peddle ringtones, not records..They don’t understand the value of a perfect piece of art.”

The key parts: file sharing doesn’t hurt the artist, concert and merchandise sales are the key to profiting from music, not direct music sales and the music industry is clueless and busy peddling ringtones. Now if only the record industry would pay attention. Those looking to support 50 Cent can find his works on BTJunkie here.