Wii becoming part of physical therapy regimens


The dude in this photo here isn’t doing any physical therapy. He’s just having a good time winning little blue pills away from his buddies, if you catch my drift. Innuendo is what I’m getting at. Sexual. Anyway…

People similar to this old guy are incorporating Wii -time into their physical therapy exercises in Ohio, Canada, and elsewhere according to Reuters. Mostly used as a tool to help stroke and accident victims regain motor control and strength, the Wii’s had the obvious side effect of FUN!

One gentleman likes using it at outpatient therapy so much that he’s trying to find one for keeps. "This is more fun. It makes it more exciting. It gets me to work harder. I wish I could find one. Anybody that’s over who wants to play can play. If not, I’ll be on that thing all by myself."

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