Slacker Portable delayed, delayed again

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Aaaaaaand, I’m done. That’s enough for me, thank you. I give up. First it was the end of summer, then it was mid-December, now it’s the end of January when the Slacker Portable is supposed to ship. I have no faith that it’ll ship on that date. Sorry.

I’d been waiting to buy this thing since the moment it was announced. I had custom searches and RSS feeds set up for news about it. I anxiously waited for summer to turn to fall. Then nothing.

This has undertones like the Phantom game system and the Palm Foleo. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear Slacker announce that it’s going to scrap its plans to sell hardware players altogether to instead concentrate on software. The Slacker software player is great, don’t get me wrong. I’ve just lost faith in the hardware part.

Slacker Personal Radio [] via Google News

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