Samsung's AMOLED phone has the longest acronym

sph-w2400small.JPGSamsung has created another good-looking phone, and this time it even has a few chin-stroke-worthy features. Sure, everyone loves LEDs, and OLEDs I’m told are the future. So what about AMOLEDs? Surely more letters = more quality. The AM stands for Active Matrix, and Samsung and LG have used it in a few very thin TVs. To you, the consumer, this means low power consumption, bright sharp screen, and a wide viewing angle. And since it’s for sale in Korea, you know the SPH-W2400 has all the good features like Bluetooth, a decent 2-megapixel camera, multimedia player and so on. Since they get that stuff standard.

Samsung comes up with a new AMOLED cellphone in Korea [Akihabara News]