Operator11 is Dead to Me: Is There Anything Out There Similar to It?


Way back last summer I wrote about and started using a service called Operator11 — don’t bother visiting because it’s down. It was a video chat system that let you run live shows in a Flash window. The “moderator” or director can show pre-recorded video and images. The real value was the live aspect, allowing you to invite friends to the show and click on their cameras to show them live. We used it here to talk about Android.

I know about some of the other services out there — Stickam and the like — but I need something that will let me invite a few people into a video chat room and allow them to talk one at a time. Did Operator11 corner this market or is there something similar out there? Incidentally, I emailed the CEO of Op11 twice before giving up on the service. It was down all last week and literally just failed as I was trying to line up a really cool interview. Feh.