Virtual boarding pass to save time, paper

cell-phone-checkinx-large.jpgIt’s about time someone came out with something like this. Oh wait, they already have it in Japan, where your entire life can be manipulated via your Hello Kitty “sumartufonu“. In the gadget world, however, anything that makes us more like Japan is a step forward. In any case, this pilot program allows you to skip the annoying paper ticket phase and go straight to the gate armed only with your carry-on and a smartphone or PDA. It’s only available at one airport and one airline at the moment, but as long as they can work out the kinks, I bet you’ll be seeing it at your local landing strip pretty soon.

Now, if you can get past security using “printed out” boarding passes, I can only imagine how the crack TSA agents at most airports will react when folks start flashing iPhones at them.

Cell Phone Could Be Boarding Pass, Too [USA Today]