I don't need anymore gadgets for Christmas, thank you very much


To be perfectly honest I haven’t thought about what I’d want for Christmas until now. Like most of us at the Gear, I’m content with the arsenal of gadgets I own. My MacBook (despite my issues with Leopard, which is probably a hardware issue, anyways) is rock solid and perfect for what I do, doesn’t need to be upgraded. My Pentax K100D Super has been my longest running gadget obsession to date and goes everywhere with me. There’s my Ocean from Helio and BlackBerry 8320 on T-mo. The Ocean documents my daily life since I use Helio UP at least 10 times a day. The BlackBerry OS is superb and I like having Wi-Fi. iPod for my tunes. Xbox 360 Elite for my gaming fix and the HD DVD player add-on for movies. Sounds like I have it pretty good.

So what do I want for Christmas?

For starters, I’d like to have a window in my bedroom. I like to sleep in total darkness, but when you wake up and have no idea what time it is and no fresh air that begins to wear down a person. It’s rather cruel don’t you think? Natural light in my room is what I’d really want.

Living closer to the beach would be phenomenal along with a new wetsuit from Matuse, Patagonia or Amsterdam. Individual board bags from Patagonia would be sweet as well as a coffin bag from Dakine. Don’t need any new boards though, a traditional 9’6″ single fin from Tyler Hatzikian or Joel Tudor would have me stoked for months. A three month boat trip all over the South Pacific with my friends would top it all off.

A fancy new watch, which is borderline gadget-y is something I’ve been wanting for years now. And we’re talking about one that’s ridiculously expensive. Why? Because it’s a wish list and I can wish for anything I want, right?

The first edition of every Chuck Palahniuk book written would be swell.

And to round out this wish list, I’d want a ticket to Portland so I can get the tattoos I’ve been wanting for the last two years to be done.

A window, surfboards and gear, a watch, books and tattoos. What a strange list.